Welcome, choirgirls and choirboys all!

We're playing CHI-Town, people!!!!! Come get your face melted on April 18th- we'll be playing a bunch of brand new songs from our forthcoming LP as well as the ones you know and love and adore and can't stop thinking about and secretly want to marry. Can't wait to see you guys, seriously. YAY!

Gossip Girl <3s us!! Our song 'One Night Stand' from new album ...and the horse you rode in on - labeled in the credits by it's alternate name 'I Saw You Walk In' - was in the episode 'How To Succeed In Bassness'. OMG it was AWESOME! Buy the track on itunes or thru www.bloodshotrecords.com!! UPDATE 'Topsy Turvy' from our 1st album, i bet you say that to all the boys was just used in an episode of GG as well! Yaaaaaay :p

Thanks to everyone who came out to our recent tour dates with Devotchka! We had a fantastic time. Keep your eyes peeled for more SYGC dates and Elia's dj nights. -SYGC HQ


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